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Uninvited is the fortieth episode and final episode of Season 1 of Bunnicula and fortieth episode of the full series overall.


When a garden gnome comes to life and sets its sights on eating Mina and her friends for dinner, Bunnicula tries to save them, but how can he get inside? He can't enter someone's house if he's not invited. 


Mina, Becky, and Marsha are having a sleepover at Becky's house. Becky has bought a new garden gnome, not knowing that it is really magic. Becky puts a hat on the gnome and it comes to life, set on eating the girls. When Bunnicula sets his eyes on this, he, Harold, and Chester race off to Becky's house to rescue her. Unfortunately, vampires cannot come into somebody's house unless they're invited. After several failed attempts, Bunnicula uses Harold's doghouse and manages to get inside to stop the gnome. They remove his hat, and the gnome is lifeless once again. Unfortunately, they wrecked Becky's house and ruined the sleepover. 


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  • This episode was released on Boomerang Streaming Service on December 21, 2017.
  • This episode was aired on Boomerang Channel on November 14, 2017.
  • Lord of the Gnomes is obviously a spoof of the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.
  • This is the first appearance of Becky's mother, Barbara.
  • Like real vampires, Bunnicula can't get in other people's houses unless he's invited.
  • This is the first episode to air on the main channel first since Scaraoke.
  • It is revealed that Becky like Gnomes.
  • This episode was released on Boomerang Channel on November 14, 2017.


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