The Opening Theme of Bunnicula lacks an official name.


The sequence opens up with Mina, Chester, and Harold entering the Orlock Apartments. Mina then frees Bunnicula from his case and cuddles him. Harold and Chester then are chased by some ghosts and monsters, only to be saved by Bunnicula's powers. The logo then comes up and Bunnicula laughs.




  • Near the end of the intro, Bunnicula does something to scare away the monsters and ghouls.
    • Bunnicula inflates his head.
    • Bunnicula opens his mouth, and a clone of himself comes out of his mouth, as does another one coming out of the second Bunnicula's mouth.
    • Bunnicula transforms into his form from the original books.
    • Bunnicula roars ferociously at the spectres.
    • Bunnicula opens his mouth and Ghost Pepper gets out.
    • A Mouth comes out of Bunnicula's stomach like Queklain from Final Fantasy Tactics.
    • A giant Bunnicula but more monster-ish and with three eyes crushed down on Chester and Harold.
    • Bunnicula, Chester and Harold gets morphed, and they screamed.
    • Patches the Weredude appears, and shakes his belly.

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