Bunnicula, Season 1
ITunes Cover (Season 1)
Season one iTunes cover
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes
Original channel Cartoon Network and Boomerang
Original run February 6, 2016 - present
Time slot
Season chronology
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Season 2
The first season of Bunnicula premiere with the episodes "Mumkey Business" and "Walking Fish" on January 18, 2016 on Cartoon Network and Boomerang.[1]


Principal Cast

  • Chris Kattan as Bunnicula, Man Brushing Teeth, Mina's Dad
  • Sean Astin as Chester, Caged Bird, Garlic Man, Nutty Pete, Officer Ham
  • Brian Kimmet as Harold, 20's Gangster, Dracula, Gamer 2, Male Cat 2, Male TV Actor, Man in Dining Room, Officer Bacon, Plant, Raccoon 1, Zombie Vegetable.
  • Kari Wahlgren as Mina, 20's Female Gangster, Bunnicula's Bride, Cool Cat, Customer, Duck 1, Female Cat 1, Female Cat 2, Female Cat 3, Lady in flashback, Female TV Actor

Minor Cast


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Title gags

Near the end of the intro, Bunnicula does something to scare away the monsters and ghouls.

  1. Bunnicula inflates His head.
  2. Bunnicula opens His mouth and a copy comes out of His mouth, as does another coming out of the second Bunnicula's mouth.
  3. Bunnicula poofs into a giant, but life-like version.
  4. Bunnicula roars ferociously at the spectres.


  1. Bunnicula, A New Series from Warner Bros. Animation, Premieres This Saturday on Cartoon Network!

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