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Scott Dingleman is Mina's love interest.



Scott has dark brown skin, and wears his hair in dreads. His outfit consists of jeans and a shirt with some hot-buttered pancakes on them.


Scott seems to be a very kind, laid-back, and goofy person. He often makes up puns and jokes, which only Mina seems to enjoy.

In Scott Free, he figures out Bunnicula’s secret after getting amnesia. When he is cured, he still knows Bunnicula’s Secret, but he promises to keep it safe.


Mina Monroe

Mina has a large crush on Scott. The two seem to share some things in common such as being goofy and liking pancakes.


Becky used to have a crush on Scott, but then got over him. Becky and Scott remain friends, however.

Episodes Featured


  • In Scott Free, Scott becomes the first human to knew about Bunnicula's secret and to know that the pets can talk (not counting Patches).


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