Patches the Weredude is a supporting character of the Bunnicula.


Patches used to be part of a human family, but he somehow became a were-dude and now, he can only turn back into a cat during the full moon. It is unknown what his source of income is. 


In his cat form, Patches has orange fur with a mustache and yellow sclera.

In his human form, he has the same color of his fur as his hair, is overweight and wears a white undershirt, blue gym shorts, with white, socks, and pink bunny slippers.


Patches is a very laid-back and fun loving cat. However, he sometimes forgets about the fact that he's a were-dude and not fully a cat anymore. 

Episodes Featured


  • Patches is the first monster to appear more than once.
  • Patches has his own theme song, which he tries to play in each episode focusing on him.
  • His number room is 56.
  • In Revenge of the Return of the Curse of the Weredude, Patches officially moves into the Orlock.
  • In each of his appearances, Patches introduces himself to Bunnicula, Harold, and Chester as if he’s meeting them for the first time.


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