Chester : Ugh, here we go. (Groaning) That's it. I can do it this. I did it! No one messes with this guy! Now just got to put the paper over like so - A-ha! - (Screaming).

Harold : Boo! (Laughing).

Chester : Get it off! There's a giant cockroach - in my hair!

Harold : No, that's not a giant cockroach. This is a giant cockroach.

Chester : Oh my (Screaming)

Harold : I think he's here for Bunnicula, yeah.

Chester : What makes you think that?

Giant Cockroach : Bunnicula.

Harold : Sure, I know him. Are you a friend of his?

Chester : (Grunting) Help me.

Harold : Aww, don't eat Chester, man. That's gross.

Chester : (Groaning) That's it. I can't take it anymore. Bunnicula always attracts monsters like this. We'll bring you to Bunnicula. But then you have - to get out of our house!

Bunnicula : (Purring)

Mina : You like this key, don't you, Bun-Bun? My great aunt Marie said it was magically protected to keep it out of the wrong hands. (giggles) But if I hadn't used it, I would - never have found you, now would I?

Chester : Psst. Hey

Harold : Hey, Bunnic.

Chester : Don't be cute. Who is this creepy guy?

Giant Cockroach : Bunnicula?

Bunnicula : (Speaking gibberish) Bye.

Mina : Chester, Harold, bed time!

Harold : Ooh, bed time, I've been waiting all day for bed time!

Chester : I can't deal with this anymore. Bunnicula has turned our lives into a horror show. All these crazy monsters are attracted to him.

Mina : (Giggling) Hey, Chester. But But where's Bunnicula?

Bunnicula : (Speaking gibberish)

Mina: There you are, you crazy little rabbit.

Chester : Sometimes, I wish Mina just left Bunnicula locked in that - chamber in the cellar.

Mina : Oh, Bunnicula, you are so funny!

Chester : That's it! That key is the answer to the problem! Harold?

Harold : Yeah, Chesty?

Chester : Yeah, don't call me "Chesty". Look, I'm going to need your help with something in the morning. We're going to take care of this Bunnicula problem once and for all.

Harold : Okay, night-night.

Mina's Dad : Lights out, Mina. It's late.

Mina : Good night, guys. Good night, Dad! (Snoring)

Bunnicula : (Stomach rumbling) (Speaking gibberish) (Giggling) (Speaking gibberish) (Slurping) (Giggling, Hissing)

Mina : (Snoring)

Chester : Sorry, Mina. I need to borrow your key. Harold, wake up.

Harold : That's not real bacon.

Chester : You know what, I'm probably better off doing this on my own.

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