Arthur Monroe is Mina's father. 


He and his daughter, Mina moved to New Orleans from Middle America after Aunt Marie left Orlock Apartments to them.

In various episodes, he has served as a landlord, collected rent from Mr. Molesbee and in The Juicy Problem he works on Molesbee's plumbing.


Arthur usually wears a nice dress shirt, brown pants, and black shoes. His eyes are rarely seen and usually, his mouth his just shown. In some episodes, when his eyes are seen, his eyes are brown. His hair are brown.


Arthur is very bumbling, but deeply devoted and caring towards Mina. He sometimes gets lonely because he doesn't have a wife. His catchphrase is "Only in America!"  

Episodes Featured


  • In Uninvited, his name is Arthur is said by Barbara, mother of Becky.
  • It is unknown if Arthur is widowed or if the mother walked out on him and Mina. 


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