Mina is one of the main characters of the TV Series Bunnicula.


Mina is a thin red-haired girl with ponytail, large black eyes, and two earrings in each ear.

Mina wears a cream blanc blouse with purple sleeves and collar and a green-gray pant above a long dark gray trousers. She wears white stockings, and a key in the hanging on her neck.



Mina is a 14 year old girl who lives in New Orleans with her father in the mansion that her late Aunt Marie left them. In the opening of the episodes of the series it is seen that she was the one that freed to Bunnicula from his prison in the basement with a key that was given to her by Aunt Marie. Mina ignores the supernatural events that happen in the mansion.

Episodes Featured


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  • Mina's mother is never seen or mentioned.
  • In the books, her character is equivalent to that of Toby Monroe.


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