Marsha is one of Mina's best friends and Lugosi's owner.


Marsha has dark brown skin and hair that is tied up into a bun. She wears a blue sweater and has a large nose.


Marsha is very cautious, shy, and cowardly. She is often the one person to see the supernatural activity going on at Mina's house and tries to warn her friends about it, but they usually don't listen to her and pick on her. While Marsha lacks in winning Mina and Becky's respect, she makes up for it in being a true friend.


Mina Monroe

Mina is a foil to Marsha. While Marsha is cowardly and saavy, Mina is hyperactive and energetic. Marsha often tries to warn Mina about the dangers in her house, but Mina's perkiness doesn't really earn Marsha her respect. Nevertheless, they truly care for each other as friends. 


Becky usually picks on Marsha because of how nervous and cowardly she is, and the fact that she always is pessimistic. Despite this, the two remain friends and still hang out together.

Scott Dingleman

Marsha and Scott don't really have much chemistry, since they don't interact in a lot of episodes. 

Episodes Featured


  • Marsha is probably the only character to receive the short end of the stick more than Chester does.
  • In On Mina's Secret Service, she adopts Lugosi as her pet. 


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