Family Portrait
Season 1, Episode 37
[[Image: {{{image}}} |258px]]
Production information
Production code TBA
Story by TBA
Written by Ian Wasseluk, Karl Hadrika and Erin Kavanagh
Storyboards by Karl Hadrika and Erin Kavanagh
Directed by Ian Wasseluk
Broadcast information
Original air date TBA
Ratings TBA
International dates
"Never Been Scared"
"My Imaginary Friend"
Family Protrait is an episode of Season 1 oBunnicula.


Mina's Father purchases a portrait from MIss Polodouri's shop, not knowing it's a doorway to an surreal environment, which swallows up Mina, Her dad and friends. So, Bunnicula and the pets try to help Mina and the others escape before Midnight.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


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