Collar Me Crazy
Season 1, Episode 31
[[Image: {{{image}}} |258px]]
Production information
Production code TBA
Story by TBA
Written by Joseph Adams and H. Caldwell Tanner
Storyboards by Joseph Adams
Directed by Eric Knutson
Broadcast information
Original air date TBA
Ratings TBA
International dates
"Return of the Curse of the Weredude"
"Calendar Boys"
Collar Me Crazy is an episode of Season 1 oBunnicula.


A silver collar turns Bunnicula into a kind-hearted normal rabbit, making Chester and Harold thrilled. but when a Mandrill with weapons for hands comes to track down Bunnicula...


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • Even though Bunnicula is affected by the silver collar, He still retains some of His powers like detaching His body parts, and making His ears become bat wings

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