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Chester's Shop of Horror
Season 1, Episode 11
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Production information
Production code 111
Story by Josie Campbell and Karl Hadrika
Written by
Storyboards by Josie Campbell and Karl Hadrika
Directed by Matthew Whitlock
Broadcast information
Original air date March 28, 2017
Ratings TBA
International dates
"Evil Cat Videos"
"Curse of the Weredude"
Chester's Shop of Horrors is the eleventh episode of Season 1 of Bunnicula and eleventh episode of the full series overall. 


Chester takes a shine to a sinister Venus flytrap, that to be because Bunnicula is afraid of it. But the plant has plans of its own.



Major Characters

Minor Characters


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  • This episode was released on Boomerang Streaming Service on April 11, 2017.
  • Bunnicula is scared of Plant.
  • This episode is based off the 1960 and 1986 film, Little Shop of Horrors.


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