Chester is one of the main characters featured in Bunnicula.


He is a Siamese cat of adult age, has the brown color in the face, ears and feet, whereas the cream color predominates in the remaining parts. He has yellow eyes, a black nose and eyebrows of the same color.

He wear red collar.


He has a nervous personality and experiences great fear when a supernatural event can happen. He may also be a bit selfish, though he has always been shown to be kind. At the moment of knowing Bunnicula, he was jealous, which caused a rude behavior with this, although throughout the episodes, their relation has been strengthened, to such a point to take care of him.


Mina found Chester when he was a kitten. He was small and alone. He really needed Mina. He was terriefied of his own shadow. She took him to the beach once, and he was so confused by all this sand, he thought it was a big litter box.[1]

Episodes Featured


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  • In Mumkey Business, Chester doesn't like being called "Chesty".
  •  In the books Chester is an eccentric Orange tabby whose wild suspicions of occult phenomena constantly exasperate Harold.
  • Chester can be also motion sickness as seen in the episode Adopt a Vampire.


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