Chester is the main protagonist of the series Bunnicula.


Mina found Chester when he was a kitten. He was small and alone. He really needed Mina. He was terrified of his own shadow. She took him to the beach once, and he was so confused by all this sand, he thought it was a big litter box.[2]


He is a Siamese cat of adult age, has the brown color in the face, ears and feet, whereas the cream color predominates in the remaining parts. He has yellow eyes, a black nose and eyebrows of the same color. He also wears red collar.


Chester is very nervous, cowardly, and experiences great fear when a supernatural event can happen. He may also be a bit selfish, though he has always been shown to be kind. At the moment of knowing Bunnicula, he was jealous, which caused him to become rude and grouchy to his new brother. In his spare time, Chester likes to read books, do puzzles, and listen to Mr. Monroe's old jazz records.



Chester at first hated Bunnicula because of him stealing Mina's love from him, and because of him always jeopardizing him with monsters. Usually, Chester plots to get rid of Bunnicula, so he won't have to deal with monsters anymore. But soon enough, he grew to care for him, mainly due to his conscience and how devastated that Mina would be if she lost him.


Chester is usually annoyed with Harold because he's dumb, but he does in fact, care for him and always tries to help him when he's in a jam.


Before Bunnicula came along, Chester and Mina were very close. When Bunnicula came along, Chester became jealous and grouchy, even though Mina still does deeply care for him. Chester sometimes dreams of one day being able to converse with Mina, even though she's not supposed to know that they can talk.

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  • In Mumkey Business, Chester doesn't like being called "Chesty".
  •  In the books, Chester was an eccentric Orange tabby whose wild suspicions of occult phenomena constantly exasperated and annoyed Harold.
  • In Adopt a Vampire, Chester can be also motion sickness.


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