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Bunnicula is one of the main protagonists of the TV series of the same name.


Bunnicula appears to be a rabbit. His body colors are black and white. He has a black back that consists of a pattern extending from part of his forehead all the way to his tail. The white part of Bunnicula's body appears in a transparent color, from his face to his feet. Bunnicula also possesses large, red eyes. Additionally, Bunnicula has small fangs since he is a vampire rabbit.


Bunnicula is friendly and very mischievous and enjoys playing tricks to scare his friends (especially Chester). He speaks in a language that only Harold and his fellow monsters can understand. He cares for his friends, especially Mina, and will go to great lengths to keep them safe when they are in danger.


He was once the pet of Dracula.


As it was said by Chester, Bunnicula was found in a locked chamber in the cellar of the apartment complex that Mina, Harold, and Chester now live in.

Episodes Featured

General Powers

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  • Bunnicula's ears can become bat wings that enable him to fly, and can have his head detached to get a higher view with his ear wings.
  • Bunnicula can turn into mist in order to maneuver more easily.
  • Bunnicula possesses some magician skills, such as card tricks, pulling his skin off his bones like sleeves and pulling himself out of a hat with his dismembered arm.
  • Bunnicula can remove either one of his eyes to check his surroundings more clearly.
  • Bunnicula can scare his enemies away by unmasking his face like a hoodie to reveal his skull.
  • Bunnicula can grow a scary-looking, fanged mouth from his stomach.
  • Bunnicula can appear younger by biting on his arm, shrinking his body and making his head slightly bigger, and He'll return to His normal age by plaing His thumb in His mouth and blowing into it.
  • Can separate His Fur, Skin, and skeleton like Three bodies.

Vegetable Powers

  • Sugar Beet - temporarily gains super speed and hyperactivity.
  • Squash - right foot temporarily becomes very large.
  • Onion - cries endlessly and sheds tears in water squall-level.
  • Garlic - temporarily sheds all his fur, making him a skeleton, and when he tries to suck a fruit or vegetable dry, he doesn't gain any powers, and the food's color doesn't pale.
  • Chili Pepper - temporarily breathe fire.
  • Eggplant - body becomes a purple egg which grows, and when hatched, he becomes a monstrous three-eyed purple creature.
  • Carrots - in excess or A Big Carrot as seen in Evil Cat Videos gives him better vision hinted when his eyes become an orange color.
  • Baby carrots - temporarily shrinks Him.
  • Broccoli - temporarily increases His muscle mass. (As seen in Scaraoke.)
  • Mixed Vegetable Juice - causes Him To take a random form in a fast pace and causes Him to do unusual things, but afterward, He gets tired. but if He gets too much juice, He grows to a size of a dinosaur.

Chester's List of Powers

  • Rutabaga - temporary telekinesis.
  • Turnip - can turn any house upside down.
  • Wasabi - spontaneous combustion.
  • Leek - temporary spider legs.


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