Becky is one of Mina's best friends.


Becky has short blonde hair and gray eyelids. She wears a green shirt, a silver barrette, brown pants, matching boots, and a necklace.


Becky is very sarcastic towards her friends and has a dry sense of humor, especially when it comes to Marsha's shyness and Mina's hyperactivity.


Mina Monroe

Becky and Mina are best friends. Becky often comes to Mina's house to play and do homework. Mina is very devoted to their friendship and will always try to fix something when the two have had a fight.


Becky and Mina usually pick on Marsha because of her shy, cowardly nature, but the three of them are still best friends for life.

Scott Dingleman

When Mina and Becky both had a crush on Scott, Becky got irritated when Scott seemed to be interested in Mina instead of her. A few days later, Mina called Becky to apologize, but luckily, Becky found a new crush and was over Scott. For the rest of the show, Scott and Becky remain friends.

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